Management Capabilities

Use for Management Capabilities

  • Sales/Revenue Management: Hotels have fixed costs, and there is no better way to circumvent the fixed costs than to bring in more revenue! Through our top sales members sharing their experiences and motivating the team with a intuitive and competitive bonus program, Friendwell’s newly acquired properties again and again see significant growth on the STAR report. The strong performance is not achievable without the support of the revenue team. Combining the rev-max support provided by the brand with Friendwell revenue team’s internal analysis and attention to the details that the brands cannot match: such as last-selling at 11pm, internal communications between Friendwell properties, arranging night-time labor to re-sell early check-outs, and responding to late-night inquiries – it becomes a frequent occurrence that all 14 of Friendwell’s properties sell-out. Friendwell also has diversified experiences in different market, whether it be at an international airport, by the Jersey shore, across the river from Manhattan, or in a golf resort in Lancaster, we are ready for any market conditions.

  • Purchasing: Economy of scale supported by a relentless purchasing team. Friendwell properties enjoy some of the best prices available. Friendwell’s purchasing power is further enhanced by the company’s ties to international resources from China, Japan, and Taiwan.

  • Quality Assurance: Friendwell has never allowed “hotel conditions” to become justification for sub-par customer satisfaction. Persistent training with systemized monitoring and a service-oriented culture has allowed Friendwell hotels to produce consistently spectacular results. Example: Crowne Plaza Edison, a frequent home to diversified guests and located in a suburban office park, was at one-point the number one Crowne Plaza in NA on the brand’s customer satisfaction ranking. The hotel was 6 years removed from its last renovation at the time it achieved this distinction.

  • Operations: The operation team is ready for the various facets of the hospitality industry. On top of essential expertise on the rooms division, we also have a refined philosophy to F&B management, as well as experience with outlets management such as Proudly-Serve Starbucks and self-run gift shops, and rental management to office or retail tenants such as car rentals.

  • Accounting: Property controllers are not just bookkeepers at Friendwell’s hotels. Rigorous and non-stop training and cross-training by certified CPAs in the Friendwell headquarters has resulted in an exceptionally efficient and multi-functional accounting team. Our property controllers are essential to our hotels’ success by actively monitoring the hotel’s expenses against the budget and essentially being the “CFO” of each hotel.

  • Human Resources: People make up a company, and Friendwell makes sure the best Human Resource team is available to support our team members. By centralizing and therefore streamlining our benefits administration functionality, the HR team is able to dedicate more resources (no pun intended) to performance evaluations and morale boosting activities. Whether it is through a company newsletter, or a staff appreciation picnic under the summer breeze, the HR team has every team member involved and engaged. The HR team is also very experienced with working with unionized hotels and achieving financial objectives in such circumstances.

  • Renovations: Our renovation capabilities: 1,900+ guest rooms renovated within the past 24 months. Our experienced team has capabilities through the whole spectrum – PIP, design, manufacturing, purchasing, project management, and execution.

  • IT: Friendwell’s IT team goes beyond a normal management company’s capabilities. The IT team includes Wifi specialists who construct and services the ever so essential amenity to our hotel guests, IT strategists who optimize our system structure, and web designers and coders who constantly works at expanding our ERP management portal.

  • Legal: The headquarters houses attorneys and a team of paralegals to accommodate to the different needs of the real estate/hospitality industry. The legal team’s services include acquisitions, contract negotiations, licenses/permitting, employee relations, litigation, visas, and more.